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Oh Hai!!

Jeez.. it has been a mllion years since I last posted, right?

Ay, mi vida loca.. *breathes deep, exhales slowly, shakes head and takes a big gulp of coffee*

So as you know from my last several blog posts, I recently spent some time (three weeks) visiting my husband in Wyoming. We had THE best time you guys, it was a winter wonderland to say the very least. It was so refreshing to get out of Texas for a while, clear my head and hit the restart button on life. I think we all need that from time to time.

So.. here is where the fun begins. Bear with me until the end, I promise there is method to my madness!


Last day in Wyoming, didn't want to say goodbye to hubby again. :(

I fly home then take the shuttle to The Parking Spot and my frickin battery was dead. Great! Thank the Lord that the folks over at "Spot" have encountered this issue before and easily/quickly gave me a jump, then I was on my way. Before I could go home and plop down on my bed to try to make up for lost time, I had to swing by my parents house and pick up my furry child, Joon. That was the cutest thing ever, I thought she was literally going to jump on top of me, she was so excited to see me! I finally get home, take her upstairs so I don't have to fight her, a HUGE bag and two carry on bags at the same time, then head down for the bags and my car battery was dead again.

Thankfully my husband left his truck at our apartment, otherwise I would've been without a vehicle altogether.


I have really done some heavy duty soul searching over the end of last year and have begun making so many positive changes in my life, one of those was to establish some new short and long term goals, one of those goals has been to take advantage of my city and explore. Whether this includes going to the Zoo, visiting the many museums Houston has, checking out a new restaurant or heading out of town.. I really want to make a few new friends in the process.

So on New Years Day, while browsing Meetup.com looking for new adventures I got the urge to create my own group. I am now the proud Organizer for Fitness and the City, if you live in or around the Vintage Park area in Houston, join us HERE!

We had our very first meetup on this day and it was a total success. :)

please excuse the mediocre at best image quality.. these were all taken with a phone. 


I celebrated my 31st birthday with some of my closest girlfriends, sister-in-law, and family!


I was sick. :( So, unfortunately I missed the first day of classes and was not able to meet my dad to replace my battery.


I got to cross off an item from my bucket list because I started Tai Chi!


I got up all excited because this would be the first day of my other two classes, I got dressed and headed out the door.. walked around the parking lot in search of my husbands truck. I literally thought I was losing my mind because the truck was NOT where I parked it. I walked to my apartment leasing office to see if there had been any reported towed vehicles, in hope of that being the case, nope. The truck was stolen.

So.. not only was I in shock, I was going to miss class, again.

It was just so stressful because my husband was out on a rig site with NO phone service, so I couldn't call him. I had to send an email hoping he'd eventually receive it and call me back. I called the police to report the vehicle stolen and they sent out a rookie.. which is totally okay, everyone is learning in life.. but when someone tries to tell you you cannot report your vehicle as stole, even though it was reported as abandoned and recovered on the complete opposite side of town will land themselves at the top of my shit list.

He tried telling me my husband might have driven it, and I stood there in disbelief because though my husband is pretty damn amazing I don't think he has mastered teleportation just yet. I explained the situation, nicely, and he then tried to tell me that since the vehicle had already been recovered I could not report it stolen. I was panicking because he just told me that the truck had physical damage and that it had been recovered on the other side of town, I couldn't possibly have driven it there myself.. I was grateful that the truck had been found, but was feeling very helpless and confused.

Thank God he finally called and asked his fellow officers how to properly file the report and they told him he would file a recovery AND a stolen vehicle report. What? I was standing right next to him, I couldn't help but eavesdrop!

Another bummer is that since my husbands truck was paid off, we had liability insurance coverage on it.. and that does NOT cover theft. So just a little advice would be to bump up your insurance coverage to comprehensive so you are covered in the event of theft. We are out 100% on this. All because someone wanted speakers, a radio, a window motor, a battery, tools and headlights.

Can you believe that? The things that make you go, hmmm. But, all in all, even thought this situation does suck.. We are alive and it could have been so much worse!

On a very good note, once hubby got back home I took him on his very FIRST camping adventure and we both enjoyed some much needed alone time surrounded by nature.

Until next time!


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