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Twelve Days of Fitness Challenge | Day Eight


If you are just joining us, feel free to catch up by clicking on the "Twelve Day of Fitness Challenge" under the labels section on my right side bar, as well as checking out the Fit Armadillo Blog HERE! Want to join in on this challenge? Awesome! Check out our group page HERE! :D

Tonight I completed the Strength - Pull video through Fitness on Demand by Daily Burn! Check out a segment from this workout HERE

Sorry for the short post tonight, I am not feeling well. :(
Until tomorrow lovelies.



  1. I see the polar ft is popular amongst this group.

    Way to get it in despite not feeling well. Praying for a speedy recovery for you.

    The "fitness on demand". Is that a feature through your cable/dish/fios

    1. I love my ft4 for sure, I feel like it helps me stay in the zone while training. :)

      The Fitness on Demand is offered though my gym here in Wyoming, they have a fitness room set up with a projection screen, and a touchscreen monitor hooked up with all of he different programs. I am not sure if it is through the inernet or through cable. Here is the website https://www.fitnessondemand247.com/ maybe they can answer this question a bit better than I can. All I know is that when I go back home to Houston I am going to miss this feature so much. You can do a class on your own schedule, which is very convenient for me.



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