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Twelve Days of Fitness Challenge | Day Nine

If you are just joining us, feel free to catch up by clicking on "Twelve Day of Fitness Challenge" under the labels section on my right side bar, as well as checking out the Fit Armadillo Blog HERE! Want to join in on this challenge? Awesome! Check out our group page HERE! :D

Tonight I decided to take another day off from running to allow my knees and ankles more time to recover. I am still feeling slight pain even after resting this past week.. So instead of running I completed the Daily Burn - Yoga 1: Surya A routine and got my stretch on. View a segment from this video HERE.

In order to relax and enjoy this yoga routine fully..I did not wear my heart rate monitor. So I won't have a photo of it to share with you guys tonight. 

Speaking of Yoga...
Guess what I found on tumblr?

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  1. Tree Pose
  2. Tiger Pose
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Wheel Pose
  5. Wide Squat
  6. Uttanasana III
  7. Half Lotus
  8. Upward Dog
  9. Baby Crow
  10. Your Favorite Pose
  11. Reclined Goddess
  12. Half Frog
  13. Toe Stand
  14. Three-leg Down Dog
  15. Half Moon
  16. Grasshopper Pose
  17. Camel Pose
  18. Wide Squat Twist
  19. King Dancer
  20. Your Least Favorite Pose
  21. Humble Warrior
  22. King Cobra
  23. Monkey Pose
  24. Wild Thing
  25. Pendant Pose
  26. Supported Headstand
  27. Corpse Pose
  28. Eight Angle Pose
  29. Standing Backbend
  30. Your Favorite and Least Favorite Poses
  31. Upward Facing Two Foot Staff
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  1. Nice! I love yoga. Gotten away from it, but you just inspired to pull out that DVD of mine. Some of these poses are new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am right there with ya.. I haven't regularly done yoga in years. Every now and then I will practice handstand, and am quickly reminded that I am getting older. ;) lol I used to love it though, it helps with my anxiety for sure!

  2. Sweet and butta! That is one workout I want to do more of - YOGA!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE Yoga! Not very flexible so it's challenging for me, but I've really gotten into it this past year. Glad you're listening to your body today and hope your legs are feeling better soon :)

    1. I used to be so flexible.. I could do back bends from standing up, the splits, you name it.. I could do it. Nooooot anymore! Someday I will get serious about yoga again and will get back to my old flexible self. :) It has been one of my reoccurring goals to be able to do the splits again, so maybe this will help! :D


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