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Easy Breakfast Taters

Well hello, yawl. :)))

Last night as I was prepping our meals for the weekend and part of next week I decided to add some breakfast potatoes (skillet potatoes) to our breakfast meals! Lucky you, you get the recipe.

What I absolutely ADORE about these taters is that you can keep them simple, as I did in this recipe, or you can jazz them up with bacon, sausage, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, cream cheese, or anything you would like! 

3-4 medium Gold Potatoes (feel free to use red if you prefer those instead)   
1 Sweet Onion
2-3 tbsp Coconut Oil  (you can also use vegetable oil)
1 tbsp Onion Powder (optional)
1-2 tbsp Parsley Flakes or Fresh Chopped Parsley (optional)
1/4 tbsp Ground Cumin (optional)
1/2 tbsp Garlic Powder (optional)

Always Salt and Pepper to taste!


Always.. always.. always wash your vegetables prior to cooking of eating. I go a step farther and scrub my potatoes with a "wirey" sponge just to make sure all the dirt is off. BUT I'm a weirdo, so.. :)))

Boil your potatoes, until you can stick a fork in them. 

Chop your onions, I like to leave mine rather large because it is easier to cook them into the potatoes.  

Add coconut oil to a warm skillet.

Chop potatoes to about an inch in diameter. 

Saute onions.

Add potatoes, and stir them into onion then press down on them to "set" (if you will) them into the skillet.

Let cook for a good 1-2 minutes the flip them with a spatula. The goal is to continue cooking them on each side until they are crispy. 

Towards the end, add your seasonings, and there you have it. You've got yourself some delicious taters to go with breakfast. 

You can wrap them in a tortilla, or eat them as a side with eggs or any way you like. :))) I hope you enjoy these, and start getting creative with the many ways you can use this recipe, ciao! 


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