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Get Your Kicks

Please feel free to enjoy some tunes while reading, right now I'm kind crushin' on this old fave from Grizzly Bear. 
If you're anything like me, you get way more excited over buying new fitness gear than you do over buying regular "everyday" clothes.

It's true, I have a slight addiction with buying  workout clothes! Probably because I have a slight addiction with working out and the feeling it brings to my soul, and to my mind. When I workout, I am not among the rest of the living. I am lost in my grind. I am in my zone. I escape to someplace happy and positive. I am bullet proof. I am sexy. I am fierce. I am nothing to anyone, and everything to myself. I am not insecure. I am not worried about what anyone thinks about me or other insignificant worldly issues. I am just present in the effervescent feeling of being happy to be at the gym, sweating and becoming one step closer to gaining the body I am working so hard for. 
I suppose you could safely say that working out is my happy place!   
In my humbled opinion, I believe that everyone needs a happy place of their own. A place that you can escape the woes of the world, just for a little while. The only disclaimer is that it has to be a healthy happy place. No drugs, alcohol, or anything else that suffocates real feelings so you don't have to "deal", but someplace that you can just be without damaging your health. 

Gnomesayin? Anyway.. 
I recently switched gyms! I used to workout at Fitness 19 and am now working out at LifeTime Fitness. The story as to why I made the switch in the first place is actually pretty comical. The short version is that my best friend and I love working out together and were going to different gyms, so we thought we would be wise gals and tell them we were going to sign up so we could swindle them out of a free week, just to be able to workout together. Turns out, we were the ones that ended up being swindled because we both fell head over heels in love with the place... and here we are! :)))
My new gym offers so many group fitness classes (including cycling), amenities and is 24 hours, which brings me to the second main reason I made the switch. My husband is on call when he works, so he doesn't have the luxury of a set schedule, thus cannot always workout at certain times. Having a 24 hour gym is really beneficial to us!   
We also both love mountain biking and cycling classes, so he bought me some brand new kicks! He's such a swell guy. :)))

I am so excited, it is actually border lining on a dork-tron 5000 level. I cannot wait to get used to using the clips at my cycling classes so I can use them on the trails while mountain biking with my love. 
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