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Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Need A Break From The Internet?

Hello my lovelies, I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend, as I have!

This past weekend I decided to have an "internet / apps detox".


I began to notice that my face was always planted on my screen with endless scrolling, commenting, and interacting through cyberspace in one form or another. Though I really enjoy interacting and networking with current and new friends through Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, as silly as it may sound, I honestly began to feel a bit caught up and overwhelmed by it all. So, I figured I would just take the weekend off to chill out a bit, and it was totally worth it! Not feeling the urge to snap photos to post on Instagram, or to document my thoughts or actions on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr has been very freeing. I could just simply enjoy the moment for what it was and enjoy the simplicity of it all.

I truly recommend doing that from time to time, you won't regret it!

In other news, my husband and I had a very productive weekend! We finally got around to unpacking our bookshelf and organized it with some of our favorite books and knickknacks, made a few changes to our decor, bought some new furniture and have made plans for our upcoming winter vacation. Phew! It has been a very busy weekend, to say the least.

When our lease was up at our last apartment we decided to move into our current apartment for two main reasons. One being that they accepted our Saint Bernard, Joon, and two because we would be paying $525 less in rent alone. Since our main goal is to be able to buy our first house after this lease is up, it seemed like a no brainier to save that much money a month! The one downside is that it has been a drastic downgrade in ascetics, storage and counter space in the kitchen. In our last apartment, we got used to our beautiful wood floors, very large kitchen, granite counter tops and space. On top of those adjustments, we just didn't have the furniture or accent pieces to fit our current space, so it hasn't really felt like a home yet. So I'm sure you can image our excitement in finally being able to decorate our apartment and to make if feel like a home!

I cannot wait to be able to share some photos with you all once everything has been delivered and set up, I think you will love it!


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