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Hello lovelies! :D I hope you all are refreshed and back in full force after Thanksgiving. By the way. How was your Thanksgiving? I really enjoyed the food and hanging out with my family and in-laws. Annnd did I mention the food? LOL

This past September I made mention of wanting to begin training for my very first half marathon on Twitter. (sorry for the ugly screenshot)

I ended up getting lost in life and put this goal off to the side for three months. Since finals are next week that means that I have a ton of free time approaching. And what does that mean? All together now. I get to begin training for my first half marathon! This goal has been tapping me on the shoulder every stinkin' day since the idea came to me. Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Hello! Remember me? Are you ready yet? Are ya? Are ya? Huh.. Huh.. You get the point. Right? I am sure we have all been there! We have this dream, idea or goal in mind and obsess over it until you get to begin chipping away at it, or sometimes until you have completed it. It consumes you. At least that is how it has been for me! 

I was browsing through my tumblr dashboard and happened to come across the #runcember photo that is at the top of this post and was reunited with that spark of adrenaline that rushes through me when I think of a goal or an idea that I am passionate about. I heard that old cleche, "the time is now" echo through my mind as I nodded to myself while having an epiphany. The reality of life is that there are never going to be perfect conditions to begin something and sometimes you've just got to go for it and let things fall together and work it out as you go. I can continue to sit here and tell myself, I have too much homework, I already have a full schedule at the gym so I don't have time to run, I'm too tired, I'm sore already, wah wah wah. If I really want to work towards this goal, then I have to start now. 

When I read Finish 2013 strong. Start 2014 stronger. I knew that was my ticket to ending this year and beginning the new with promise and tenacity. 

Are you interested in running? Check out this app! I cannot wait to try it out tomorrow while on my first run of my training. :D

Speaking of.. 

I also found this site while searching for Half Marathon Training Schedules. I really love that HalfMarathons.Net was thoughtful enough to include 12-week, 16-week and 20-week schedules, making it easier for us newbs to start out at whichever pace works best for us. Yet offers a great schedule for the seasoned vets that might want a crash course if they're a bit rusty. Best of both worlds!

I will be starting out with the 16-week schedule, as it gives an extra off day and a few extra weeks to train.. so its not so "in your face"!

If you are a fellow Houstonian, or happen to live near Spring, Conroe or  The Woodlands you might be thrilled to know that Goose's Acre has a runners club! 

I cannot wait to meet some new friends while partaking in a productive and healthy activity.. You know.. Drinking free beer after a good run! :D I kid I kid.. I mean running, of course! :D So come join us, and make some new #fitfriends!

Until next time, ciao! XOXOX 

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  1. This is awesome!! You are so good with your fitness goals I'm sure you'll do amazing with your half marathon!


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