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Hello my darlings! :)

Guess where I am? Denver, Colorado!

I am in limbo right now, I originally flew from Texas to Denver then from Denver to Wyoming but wasn't able to land in Wyoming due to weather. So, here I am, right back in Denver typing you a lovely blog post about humility and being positive.

Yeah, of course it was a little annoying when I heard the stewardess announce that the flight may not make it to my destination, where my husbands awaits my arrival, but what can I do about it? It was really nerve racking because here I am trying to "just keep swimming" (-dory) and all I hear around me are groans and people complaining. Yes, I completely understand that everyone's situation is completely different and it might not be as easy for some to take this delay with a grain of salt.. but for the sake of this blog post I am referencing the folks that were just getting angry because well, they can.

We all deplaned and made our way to Customer Service and it was there that I began to feel extremely overwhelmed. Everyone was getting bad news because for one reason or another there just weren't any available flights for an entire airplane full of people to get into Wyoming today. To add to that frustration the airline is not responsible for accommodating your hotel or rental car, just the flight. But that is another story for another day! So the employees are getting berated by angry customers and literally felt like I was a sponge, absorbing all of that negativity and anger. I could feel my cheeks flush and my face got hot from my growing anxiety, yuck!

Though I understand and sympathize with the customers, I do not feel that it is okay to take your frustration out on innocent employees that are merely doing their job. It is not the employees fault, or anyone else's fault for that matter, that it is snowing in Wyoming or that we could not land due to the airline being bound by legalities due to visibility requirements in order to make a descent. Ummm, hello!! I don't want to die because your angry behind is in a rush. Until today I had no idea that legally the airline has to have clear visibility of the runway from "X" amount of feet or they cannot even attempt a descent. Now it seems pretty commonsenseical (it is too a word, shh), but I never thought about it before. I never had to! I'm from flipping Texas.

I was on the same flight as they were, I was inconvenienced in a similar, or in some cases the same way as most on the flight.. but I chose to see the positive in the situation. I had a choice. I could try and fly somewhere else, or I could shell out the money for a cab and a hotel for the night and pray there would be a flight before tomorrow evening, and that wasn't looking good. So I chose to fly into Laramie, WY. The first time I ever came to Wyoming I flew into Laramie's airport.. if you can call if that! It is literally the size of a small town post office. I will dig up the photo and post it for you guys so you can see just how tiny it really is.

The moral of this incredibly long story is that instead of getting angry and having a bad day over something out of my control, I had lunch at a "fancy" restaurant in Denver, Colorado.. I have never done that before so it was fun and exciting, even if it was just at the airport. While I enjoyed my lunch I heard a great song play that I hadn't heard in a long time and I sat there and contemplated life and where I am in it. I allowed myself to feel good about that moment and to feel good about being me.. I was proud that I complemented the employees and thanked them for their help and commended them for being as tolerant as they could in their situations and they noticeably responded to that. In fact, their demeanor's softened and my heart overflowed with generosity knowing I made that moment better for them in an unpleasant situation.


What's more?

I allowed myself to enjoy some damn pizza for my good behavior! ;D Even if it was a margarita pizza.. it was so worth it.


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